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Triple Baby Protection™


What is Triple Baby Protection™?

As the baby experts, JOHNSON’S® Baby is trusted the world over for our commitment to protecting babies’ delicate skin. The JOHNSON’S® Baby TRIPLE BABY PROTECTION™ promise is our commitment to providing care that is SAFE, MILD and EFFECTIVE. It’s our promise that our products are dermatologically and clinically proven to contain only the safest ingredients, are mild enough for baby’s sensitive skin, and effectively care for their healthy skin development.

From the day they are born every baby’s delicate skin has special needs. That’s why our products are supported by rigorous scientific evidence, so moms can rest assured that the formulations of JOHNSON’S® Baby products are proven safe for delicate baby skin.

Product Safety and Ingredients

We only use ingredients that are proven to be appropriate for babies and have passed rigorous safety checks. In fact, we only use ingredients that have a purpose. We will not use an ingredient or fragrance unless there is strong evidence that supports that it is safe to use in baby products.

Safe Sources

At JOHNSON’S® Baby we’re committed to only the safest production criteria, partnering with raw material suppliers that have proven able to meet our high safety standards and principles of consistent quality.

Safe Products

JOHNSON’S® Baby TOP-TO-TOE® Wash is proven safe to use from a baby’s first bath1. The ultra-mild, hypoallergenic formula is designed to cleanse both hair and body without causing irritation. And since newborn babies have an underdeveloped blink reflex and tear glands, the unique NO MORE TEARS® formula is as gentle to eyes as pure water1

JOHNSON’S® Baby understands the unique structure and functioning of babies’ skin. Since a baby’s skin loses moisture much faster than adult skin and is more prone to irritation and dryness, it’s best to use mild products specially formulated for delicate baby skin. TRIPLE BABY PROTECTION™ is our promise that you’re using clinically proven mild products to care for your baby’s skin.

Baby Products with Proven Mildness

Our products are rigorously tested to avoid irritation of baby’s skin. Plus products containing our NO MORE TEARS® formula go through extra clinical tests to assure they will cause no irritation, redness or stinging to baby’s delicate eyes.

Evidence of Mildness

JOHNSON’S® Baby has voluntarily undergone the largest ever clinical trial of baby wipes and cleansers. These randomised trials proved that JOHNSON’S® Baby Extra Sensitive Wipes and JOHNSON’S® Baby TOP-TO-TOE® Wash are as mild to use as cotton wool and water in maintaining baby’s skin hydration1,2

Mild Products

JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil has an ultra-mild, allergy and dermatologist tested formula that is specially designed not to irritate delicate skin. It locks in 10 times more moisture on wet skin than many lotions on dry skin, helping to protect the natural skin barrier and keep it well moisturised.

As pioneers in the science of understanding babies, JOHNSON’S® Baby also understands you need to protect your baby from the very first day you bring them home. That’s why JOHNSON’S® Baby goes the extra mile to ensure our products deliver the TRIPLE BABY PROTECTION™ promise so you can trust that they are designed to be effective and deliver the best results for their intended use.

Clinically Effective and Emotionally Beneficial Products

At JOHNSON’S® Baby, we realise not everything can be clinically tested - like a mother’s love. That’s why we’ve created a range of products that are not only clinically effective, but that we believe are also emotionally beneficial. From our products’ NATURALCALM™ aromas that can help to relax baby, to their soft textures that help aid moms in bonding with baby through their nurturing touch, everything we do is for the love of babies.

How Effective are JOHNSON’S® Products?

JOHNSON’S® Baby Wipes are enriched with gentle baby lotion to help effectively protect baby’s natural skin barrier whilst cleansing. In fact, they’re so soft and mild, they can be used to cleanse both baby’s body and face from the very first day, without causing irritation2