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Proven Bedtime Routine


Tried and tested by moms and their babies.

JOHNSON'S® Baby has been pursuing the highest standards of baby skincare for over 125 years. So naturally we wanted to test the effects of our three-step night-time routine before launching it to moms.

Researchers at Johnson & Johnson partnered with leading paediatric sleep expert Dr Jodi A Mindell PhD, to design a three-week trial to study the effects of the three-step routine on babies' sleep1.

The Results

  • Babies fell asleep quicker
  • Babies slept for longer
  • Babies woke less frequently and for shorter periods
  • Moms felt less fatigued and more energetic1

About the Proven Bedtime Routine Trial

Fifty-eight moms and their babies took part in the trial.

In the first week, moms were asked to record their baby's sleeping behaviour - how long it took for their child to go to sleep, how long they slept for and how often they awoke during the night.

In the second week, the three-step routine of bath, massage and quiet time was introduced, using JOHNSON'S® Baby Bedtime Bath and Lotion with NATURALCALM™ aromas. This continued into the third week, with moms asked to note any improvements to their babies' sleeping - and their own mood.

After the first seven days of the three-step routine, moms noted a marked improvement in the time it took for their babies to fall asleep, how long they slept and how often they woke up during the night.

These results continued to improve in the third week of the trial.

The Results in More Detail

  • Babies fell asleep quicker
    On average, babies fell asleep 37% faster when using the three-step routine
  • Babies slept for longer
    On average, babies slept longer when using the three-step routine
  • Babies woke less frequently and for shorter periods
    There were over one-third (38%) fewer night-time awakenings, and the amount of time babies spent awake was almost halved (49%)
  • Moms felt less fatigued and more energetic
    Moms also experienced a greater feeling of control and toddler bedtimes in particular were reported as 'easier' on a scale of 1-5.

Results First Published in:

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